A Note from the Heath Enviro Team Students

The environmental team consists of a group of people who lead to reduce the environmental impact. The environmental team does a variety of things for making the earth a better place. For example, we try to decrease the levels of electricity and we also try to remember to put the garbage in the right bin. In order to help our environment we can do these following things like Using Reusable Bags, Print as little as necessary, recycle, Use Reusable Beverage containers, saving water, avoid taking cars or carpool when possible and so on. The environmental team is trying their best to consist not using a lot of energy that will cause climate change. So we are doing things like the Winter shut down, Sweater day, lights out day, not using the air conditioner, and performing to indicate about the climate change. Overall we’re trying our best to help the environment and hope you try your best. We really appreciate it thank you.