Vision & Values

Our Vision

During the 2010/2011 school year, the Delta School District embarked on a journey to truly identify its future direction. All schools and school sites took part in a visioning process where they were asked to define their Big Bold Vision. Students, teachers, parents, and staff actively came together under the direction of a professional facilitator to brainstorm and narrow their focus. A graphic artist captured the ideas in drawings along the way. In the end, a concrete mission, vision and set of values were determined.


The Delta School District is a leading district for innovative teaching and learner success.

Vision Subthemes

  1. Students are engaged through stimulating, relevant and inspiring educational experiences that ignite a lifelong passion for learning.
    1. Multiple pathways to learner success
    2. Sustainable, accessible technology supports innovative instruction
    3. Education takes place in all parts of the community
    4. Teachers work collegially to use best practices
  2. Learners are fully prepared and empowered to contribute their personal best to society and become tomorrow’s citizens and leaders.
    1. Engaged and inspired learners achieve success
    2. Delta graduation rates soar!
    3. Well-rounded global citizens emerge from our schools
  3. Our schools nurture caring relationships, connections and a sense of belonging to our local and global communities.
    1. Safe and supportive learning community
    2. A culture of inclusion

To enable all learners to succeed and contribute their full potential to the future.


Caring, Respect, Responsibility, Community, and Excellence

CARING: Compassion, Empathy, Acceptance, Dedication

RESPECT: Equality, Fairness, Dignity, Inclusion, Trust

RESPONSIBILITY: Integrity, Accountability, Social Responsibility, Safety

COMMUNITY: Teamwork, Partnership & Collaboration, Connectedness

EXCELLENCE: Innovation, Creativity, Achievement, Engagement