Heath Environmental Team

Mar 16

The earth definitely needs our help. Energy is soaked up every millisecond. And that millisecond takes tons and tons of energy. We’re dependent on everything. We expect our TV shows to just pop up on our screen. We expect rolling hover board because we’re too lazy to walk. What do you mean you’re too lazy to walk? You don’t have legs for nothing. We are the Enviro-Team hoping to make a change. We want independence. We may not change the whole world’s perspective, but we have enough courage to change our schools.

Phantom Power is one of the most energy consuming things. It’s the power left in cords. For example, your laptop. You pull it out of the laptop but leave the charger in the socket. That energy still goes into the charger which takes up a lot of energy.

Lights soak up a lot of energy as well. We have classrooms and in an order to see, we turn lights on. But what about turning them off? Many forget. Even if you’re going out for less than a minute, turning the light off with help! Some classes at Heath barely turn on the lights! We know a teacher who always uses sunlight to light up the classes.

We’ve hosted events in our school to help. Saving energy will give us 2 benefits! 1. We save energy and lower costs of lighting bills. 2. We earn $1000 for our school to help with books and more education needs!

It would be wonderful if anyone else could help us in our journey. Always turns lights off and unplug any cords. As Mr. Electro, our mascot, says, ‘Saving Energy is a Bright Idea’.