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April 15, 2014 - Update - Fire at Heath - please read

April 15, 2014

Dear Parents,


·         As you know there was a small fire at Heath and because of that there was a lot of smoke in the school.


·         The restoration crew has been busy at work ensuring the school is clean and ready for people.  The crew tells us that most of the school will be ready for use tomorrow morning (Wednesday April 16).


·         Our grade 1 to 7 students will be back in session beginning at 9 am tomorrow (Wednesday April 16).


·         We will need an extra day to prepare the Kindergarten classrooms; therefore Kindergarten will be back in session beginning at 9 am on Thursday April 17.


·         All classes will have an opportunity to debrief what has happened with a district counsellor and their classroom teacher (the morning of their first day back)


·         Parents of grade 1-7 students are invited to meet with the principal at 9:15 in the gym on Wednesday April 16th if they have questions.  The counsellor is free to meet with parents in the gym at 2:45 (just before school is out) if parents are interested.


·         Parents of Kindergarten students are invited to meet with the principal/counsellor at 9:05 in the gym on Thursday April 17th if they have any questions.


·         If the times above do not work for you and you have questions, please feel free to phone me at the school.


Thank you very much for your support and understanding as we move forwards.



Dr. J. Lauman