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Principal's message

Principal's Message

Heath became a Traditional School in September of 2011.  The year prior to becoming Traditional, the parents, students and staff at Heath spent time defining a new vision.  The purpose of this was to decide as a community what was important to us, where we needed to go next, how we would get there, and what we should pay attention to on the way.  Below is the result of this journey in words.

Heath is a Flourishing Learning Community is now our central vision statement.

Our Purpose and Mission statements state that we (parents, students and staff) will:

  1. Continue to maintain a supportive and flourishing community
  2. Preserve positive, caring relationships
  3. Cultivate empowered, global learners

Our Values can be seen beside the following three organizational headings:

  1. Relationships  - respect, mentors, inclusion, trust
  2. Community - safety, equity, equality, teamwork
  3. Learning - collaboration, global, curiosity, commitment


In addition to the visioning process described above, the Heath community was asked via a survey (in the Spring of 2012), whether or not they were satisfied with our change to tradtional and with our school generally. 56% of families returned their survey, which means our results are statistically reliable.  We were pleased to see that the vast majority of families were pleased with how we are doing as a school and community and support the direction we are taking.

I continue to believe that schools hold a special place in our community and am looking forward to working with all of you as the next school year unfolds.  Together, we can do great things.