Heath Traditional Elementary School

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Currently, we are focusing on three areas:

Social Responsibility

Our goal is to have all children at Heath become more socially literate.  We know that there is a correlation between a person's emotional intelligence and their overall success in life.  This begins with understanding our own emotions and having the ability to manage them.

Our goal is to have every child at Heath become a better reader.
Research tells us that there is a very strong correlation between the amount of time that students spend reading  and their achievement in school. 
Take some time to review the findings described below.

Our goal is to have every child become a better writier.  Reading has been a goal at Heath for more than four years.  We would like to connect this to our new writing goal as highly literate students can both read and write well. 

Research on Reading Frequently:

“Students who reported reading more pages daily in school and for homework had higher average scale scores on the 1998 National Assessment of Education Progress than students who reported reading fewer pages daily” (Donahue et al., 1999).

“Reading a lot makes a huge impact on the acquisition of a second language when the learners are beyond the beginning reading level.  There is a wide body of literature that supports the fact that ESL students should be reading a lot ” (Pilgreen & Krashen, 1993.)

From this research you can see why our Home Reading Program at Heath is a critical component for our students who are just learning to read, as well as for those who are more experienced.  Please make sure that you take the time to have your son/daughter participate in our Home Reading Program.